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Always passionate about fashion, I had to be around 7 when I was already playing personal stylist with my grandmother. I used to go through her closet and create her different arrangements so she knew what to wear during the week. I've always been interested in what was trending, creating her the best looks according to the latest fashion trends!




Also always passionate about the business community, I have always had a certain attraction for numbers and their more rational side. I like to understand what makes a company successful. I have a thirst for learning and a constant interest in entrepreneurship. I have always believed in the importance of a consistent brand image and that is why, as a personal stylist, I want to help you succeed!



By combining my studies in finance, my diploma at L'Académie avec Style de Louise Labrecque and more than ten years in the fashion industry, I can help you gain that self-confidence you need to stand out and show the world what you are capable of! 

Located on the south shore of Montreal, I offer my services as a personal stylist for men & women in Greater Montreal and Quebec areas.



Go ahead... Invest in yourself & dress for success!

Noemie Baron



You like what you see? 

I could develop YOUR own personal branding image!