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The first day of my brand new life

Voilà! It’s official, I finally jumped!

This is my very first Monday without a job… Wow I’ve been preparing this for a very long time now! I've been thinking about it, imagining it, even feeling it… After six years in a wonderful company as a sales rep on the road, I finally decided to follow my heart (and my head as well since it has been greatly thought over and over again) and I finally gave my resignation to start my own business as a personal stylist.

Yep…I don’t have a job anymore (official I would say…)!

This little tiny sentence can scare, but no. I’ve thought about this moment so many times that the only thing I feel as I’m writing these lines on this beautiful and sunny Monday morning is happiness. Pure happiness and the very second best feeling after love…freedom. I feel free to choose my own destiny. Free to decide what it will look like. Of course I feel pressure, since if all the projects I have in mind don’t succeed, it’ll be mostly because of me. But if they do succeed, well then, it’ll be surely THANKS to me! And this only, feels very very good when you think about it :)

All my life I always followed my instinct and it always served me good. When I decided to move from Quebec to Montreal, at only twenty years old, I had no idea how long I was going to stay, but I knew I had to do it! Twelve years later I’m still here…

When I decided to quit my first job as an assistant buyer – which I adored, but didn’t help me grow – to complete a full time bachelor degree and that meant to sell my car, go back as a waitress and cut on expenses, I had the anxiety to leave everything behind, but I did it! And ten years later, the man who sat beside me on the very first class of our very first day of university still stands beside me and is the most amazing father for our little man!

When I decided that the finance world – even if I did complete my bachelor degree in this field – wasn’t made for me and chose to go back in the fashion world as a sales rep on the road, I was afraid of all the challenges I would face and the distance that regular travels could create in my relationship, but I did it and it gave me the chance to live the best six years of my young professional career!

Three weeks ago, when the Friday morning of a very busy week, I almost fainted out of stress and tiredness, I realized my body was giving me the OKAY to jump once again. My boyfriend and I discussed about it for a thousand time and even all the compromises and challenges we were going to face, decided that it was worth all the risk. The week after, I officially gave my resignation to this very company that saw me grew and which has always given me all of its trust. And for that, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Today, I’m sitting in front of my computer (personal and not professional – it feels weird…), I’m writing these lines more inspired than ever and with the conviction that the best is yet to come! Will it be my plan A or Z that will succeed? I have absolutely no idea, but WOW the feeling it gives me is just incredible!

Next time when you ask yourself if you should jump, remember how you feel just before diving in a pool by a very hot summer day. The water always seems so cold…but go ahead, jump right in and you’ll realize it’s a lot warmer than you thought!

Have a very good end of summer and talk to you soon!


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